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October 19, 2019

Business Etiquette Around the World: North America

Guest Blog & Infographic by Sloan McKinney

The internet may have made doing business internationally easier than ever, but there is still a human element to it – especially when it comes to PR and marketing. Whether you’re creating an international partnership or trying to attract a vendor, knowing how to handle yourself and what to expect from potential clients is key to make sure that you remain in your element without offending your colleague’s sensibilities throughout negotiation.

This graphic is a small series of primers in conducting international business. Covering the major three players in North America (Canada, United States, and Mexico), this graphic will give you a better idea of how people in these businesses approach business meetings.

From what time to arrive and how to dress, to how to best negotiate and even how close to stand, being aware of cultural business norms will make your dealings go much more smoothly. Knowing how other countries do business gives you a better shot at leaving the bargaining table with both parties achieving their goals.










































































Sloan McKinney is a business enthusiast and online journalist who enjoys sharing her knowledge about the impact of globalization. She also covers the areas of business communications, technology, and marketing.

Increased Sales: How Public Relations Can Help Retailers

Guest Blog by Camille McClane

Public relations is a branch of marketing that too many small businesses overlook, and if your business is not focused on the way it is perceived by the public, then it is a sinking ship. Every business has a public image, be it the local lemonade stand helmed by the ambitious 8-year-olds or the mighty retail chain with a 1,000 stores nationwide. Both of those ideas carry an identity with it, even if it is somewhat generic and nebulous. Why leave your retail business’ identity to chance when there are several reasons why good PR can help you along the path to success?

KFCImage Courtesy of BrandFreak.com

PR Can Make You Bigger Than Your Brand
People love to feel like a part of something good, especially when it’s for a cause they believe in. When people associate these positive feelings with your brand, they’re not only likely to buy from you, they’re likely to spread the good news to others. Back in 2011, KFC decided to do away with the tired old essay for giving out their $20,000 college scholarship, and put it all down on a single tweet.

Entrants were limited to the standard 140 characters, minus the required hashtag, and were asked to convince KFC why they deserved the scholarship. In just two weeks, over 2800 tweets were submitted and their twitter following jumped 20%, garnering them positive favor and increasing their social media reach.

PR Can Make People Feel At Home
Studies have shown that people are much more likely to shop with a retail brand they are familiar with, as familiarity breeds trust and trust is any business’ key quality for customer satisfaction.

In 2010, the BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel in New Hampshire decided to offer an online promotion to select a “resorter” — someone who would live in the hotel for two months — while posting updates about all the experiences they were having. They selected the winner via social media and online voting out of entries from around the world.

The campaign was so successful that it increased bookings for the following month by 20%. They repeated a version of the campaign the following winter and by January they were completely booked, making it their busiest season ever.

People didn’t need to win to feel like they were there, and as a result when they planned their own trip, many chose the hotel they had already seen in all it’s exciting intimacy. Transparency, in the eyes of the public, can remove some of the stiffness from your public image. A customer who is familiar with your company is a customer likely to trust you with their business.

word pile

PR Firms Can Build Your Image For You
In retail, you have enough trouble worrying about how to stay connected to the customers you have and how to simplify the shopping process while managing conversion rates and inventory numbers. You may not have the time or resources to give your public relations the attention it deserves, at least not on your own.

Both of the previous examples, and a host of others, were not built solely on the creative in-house ideas of genius CEOs or innovative board members, but were created in collaboration with PR Firms. These firms exist solely to weave the public’s perception of brands, and you might find them a good fit for you too.

At this point, it ought to be apparent that PR Firms can do a lot for you in the right situations, but it would be worthwhile to take some time and determine if it’s the right choice for your business.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know what your specific PR needs are? You should, otherwise you might not need a firm yet.
  • Can you afford to spend money that doesn’t make you money if a campaign is unsuccessful?
  • If you’ve taken some meetings, are the ideas original enough or do they feel boring to you?
  • Do you have the time to commit to a PR campaign?

camilleCamille McClane is a writer, researcher and editor, who frequently blogs about about web hosting and social media. Her favorite subject to focus on is emerging technology trends and its overall effect within business expansion and relations. She hopes the readers of Myerspr.com enjoy this article as much as she enjoyed writing it.

What’s the bottom line?

Welcome to the new Myers PR Blog! To kick off our blog launch, Marion Myers, President of Myers PR completes a new series, “The 5 ‘Ws’ for a Positive Reputation.”

Establishing and administering an effective PR campaign is not something done quickly or without considerable thought and planning. But, the results will be well worth it! The time and effort invested in enhancing your reputation will have a direct and positive impact on your bottom line. Consumers are naturally inclined to work with/buy from/listen to people they know, respect and trust.

The advantage of using a PR professional, versus “do it yourself” is the time ($) saved and the results ($) achieved. I can’t tell you how often we’ve been called in to “rescue” a PR effort that was being led by a busy CEO or had been tacked on someone else’s existing job description. It’s never first priority, rarely planned out in advance and the results reflect the lack of attention. A good PR professional will provide the structure, the creative thinking and the discipline necessary to stay on track and make sure what being done is working. Reputations are not built overnight, and they certainly don’t build themselves!

Future articles will discuss: Integrating Social and Traditional Media for an Effective PR Campaign and Corporate Philanthropy and PR.


Whom should you rely on?

Welcome to the new Myers PR Blog! To kick off our blog launch, Marion Myers, President of Myers PR continues a new series, “The 5 ‘Ws’ for a Positive Reputation.” Check back each week for the newest topic, or subscribe via e-mail or RSS!

If you choose to work with a PR professional, it’s a real advantage to work with someone local, who is well ingrained and respected in your community. There is a level of access they can provide that out-of-town firms can’t compete with. A well connected professional has established relationships with the media, and can provide high-level influence introductions. An assignment editor is much more likely to respond to someone they know and trust to bring them a good story. Local community leaders and elected officials are more inclined to listen to and support an initiative when presented by an active member of their own community. After all, it’s all about relationships.

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Next week’s topic: “What’s the bottom line?”

Who is going to develop and execute this PR campaign?

Welcome to the new Myers PR Blog! To kick off our blog launch, Marion Myers, President of Myers PR continues her weekly series, “The 5 ‘Ws’ for a Positive Reputation.” Check back each week for the newest topic, or subscribe via e-mail or RSS!

You may choose to go it alone, work cooperatively with a professional or turn it over entirely to a PR firm. There are advantages to having a professional get you started and lay out the ground work for you.

A professional can help you work through the analysis and planning process and bring to light issues that you may be too close to recognize: a website facelift; better internal communication; more consistent client outreach; message development; community outreach; and perhaps an awards strategy or a corporate philanthropy plan. You may be advised to add speaking opportunities, beef up your media outreach, create a crisis communications plan, and perhaps (most likely!) initiate or integrate a social media plan. These will become the “bones” of your long-range strategic plan. You can choose to execute on your own or move forward cooperatively with a professional at that point.

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Next week’s topic: “Whom should you rely on?”


Where Do You Start?

Welcome to the new Myers PR Blog! To kick off our blog launch, Marion Myers, President of Myers PR continues a new series, “The 5 ‘Ws’ for a Positive Reputation.” Check back each week for the newest topic, or subscribe via e-mail or RSS!

Many tools are employed in a PR campaign, but the best place to start is with a good, hard look inside your own organization. Take an inventory of what you are doing well and, more importantly, where you are coming up short. Who is your competition, and where are your opportunities? An effective tool for this is a SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – analysis. This will help you form the foundation for your PR campaign.

Next, identify where you want to be, say, in a year or two years. What are your specific goals and what are the steps needed to reach them? This should be laid out in an action plan – month by month with specific activities and deadlines. This will provide you with a timeline to follow and help you stay on track.

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Next week’s topic: “Who is going to develop and execute this PR campaign?”



Public Relations: the 5 “Ws” for a Positive Reputation.

Welcome to the new Myers PR Blog! To kick off our blog launch, Marion Myers, President of Myers PR begins a new series, “The 5 ‘Ws’ for a Positive Reputation.” Check back each week for the newest topic, or subscribe via e-mail or RSS!

What is it….exactly?

I can’t tell you how often I’ve been asked, “What is PR? What is it that you do, exactly?” I guess you could say that PR helps you manage your reputation – what you do, what you say, and what others say about you. Whether you are marketing a product, a service, an organization or yourself, a positive reputation is a key component for success.

Effective PR is a thoughtfully planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain this positive reputation – with your customers, clients, employees, investors and/or the general public. PR will allow you to enhance – or correct – your reputation both inside and outside your organization. It will help build support for your product, your project or your cause. It will help create customer loyalty and strengthen employee retention.

Public Relations is the flexible, creative and most responsive component of marketing. But be aware that flexible does not translate to haphazard, creative to untrained, or responsive to non-proactive. It takes a plan.

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Next week’s topic: “Where do you start?”