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October 22, 2019

Reaching a Multi-generational Demographic:

This is the final installment of the three-part series, “Integrating Social and Traditional Media for an Effective PR Campaign.”

The tools: We are often asked why we need to integrate our Marketing with traditional as well as “New Media” – online advertising, Social Media, blogs and websites. We have to take into consideration a variety of audiences. While some people routinely gather information through television news casts, radio and the daily newspaper, many others rely on their lap tops and smart phones to get their news “fix”.

The message: It is also important to consider your target audience’s age when developing your message. You have The Silent Generation, age 65 and older, The Baby Boomers, age 45-64, Generation X, age 30-44, and Generation Y or The Millennial Generation, age 20-29. Every generation has had a different life experience and communicates differently, so you need to create messages that resonate with your target generation/s. You can’t take a “one size fits all” approach.