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December 11, 2019

Keeping up the Creativity: Part 6

If you’re jumping in just now, I’m working my way through a series called “Keeping up the Creativity” based on this infographic – 29 Ways to Stay Creative, and you can find the rest of the series parts here!

#6 – Take Breaks


I try to take at least one break every workday and go for a quick walk – be it down the street to Starbucks, across the parking lot to Robeks or a distracting bit of retail therapy. I sometimes take two, if I have time and especially if the weather is inviting. (See Part 4 if you want reinforcement on this and Part 5 if you tend feel guilty for any of these indulging activities!) I even keep my gym bag under my desk so I have sneakers handy, though I’ll admit that I usually don’t get that ambitious.

This seems to be a shared habit with my office mates. Everyone will be head down in their keyboards for hours of quiet work when, all of a sudden, someone will pop up out of their cube and say, “Starbucks? Who wants to walk?” It’s amazing to feel the positive energy when they roll back in, cups in hand and attitudes adjusted for the next round at the keyboard. Happy campers!

office walkJust getting out in the fresh air and stretching my legs helps me clear my mind and recalibrate my brain for creative thinking. And, with the added benefit of a little light exercise, I feel better physically. Win and win!