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October 19, 2019

Keeping Up the Creativity: Part 9

If you’re jumping in just now, I’m working my way through a series called “Keeping up the Creativity” based on this infographic – 29 Ways to Stay Creative, and you can find the rest of the series parts here!

Guest Blog by Melanie Ford, Myers PR Intern

#9 Listen to New Music

Ironically, each time I sit down to write these blogs I am doing whatever it is that I am writing about. Last time I was drinking coffee, and now I am listening to my iPod full of new music.


So what could possibly be so helpful about listening to new music? After a little digging, I was surprised to find out just how beneficial sounds really are! Here are four ways music affects us:


“A-B-C-D…” We all learned the alphabet to the same melody. Music is implemented into learning from a very young age because it has been shown to improve memory ability and particularly verbal recall proficiency (Music and Learning: Integrating Music in the Classroom).

Music Keeps You Young

Cue Carol. Our Creative Director is known in the office for her youthful energy and contagious laugh! She makes a conscious effort (and asks her sons to help her) to know the latest music, shows, and trends. Remember: “The quickest road to becoming old of mind and spirit is to limit your exposure to things outside of your immediate realm,” says Gary A. Morse.

3- Calming

Calming Effect

Staying calm and focused in the workplace can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are in a cubicle setting! Dr. Sood, at the Mayo Clinic, observed that in a world of endless distractions, music can bring your focus back within 15 to 30 minutes of listening. Music without lyrics is best for refocusing your attention to a task or project.

That being said, I had to use this opportunity to share this song, which was deemed by sound therapists the most relaxing song ever due to its continuous rhythm synchronizing with the heart and brainwaves.

4- Mood Boost

Mood Boost

Consider how many people you see at the gym exercising with their headphones in. The ability of music to create a positive atmosphere, energize activities and add an element of fun can motivate you regardless of what type of day it is.

At MPR, we’re constantly sharing links around the office to our new favorite artist or song – so make some friends in the cube next door and spread a little creativity!

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