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October 19, 2019

National Fun at Work Day!

Written by Jordan Garegnani, Myers PR Social Media Manager

At Myers PR, we think work should be fun regularly – not just today! Fun in the office builds relationships among coworkers and a positive work culture. That positive vibe keeps everyone creative, energized, productive and happy, because after all – we are the “nice” PR firm! We like to keep it fun in a multitude of ways:

Liz's Birthday Haul

Liz’s Birthday Haul

Birthday Celebrations
Every birthday is a big deal at Myers PR. We pick a day everyone can celebrate and go out to lunch armed with presents from everyone in the office. Of course the birthday boy/girl gets to pick where we lunch so it’s a treat for everyone and never gets boring.

Yoga Classes/Gym
Healthy employees are happy employees! We have a corporate account at Beloved Yoga nearby for some zen in our lives and also have a gym right next door for a mid-afternoon jog!

Staff Outing
At least once a year we take a fun day off to do something fun as a group (no checking work email!). Last year it was visiting The Winery at Bull Run, the year before was tubing down the Shenandoah and the year before that it was a kayaking trip!

My Myers PR Anniversary Flowers

My Myers PR Anniversary Flowers

Myers Birthdays
Another type of birthday Marion never forgets is our Myers PR birthdays – aka the day we came to work here 🙂 You can be sure to receive a Mayflowers delivery of your favorite flowers on this day.

Staff Retreat
Annually, we as a company take time to go over how the past year was and focus on what we want to accomplish or change as a company. In between all those discussions, Kate is the master of team bonding, coming up with creative games, activities and projects for us all.

Rick Roll Fridays
Last but not least, a weird tradition developed in our office called Rick Roll Fridays…enjoy!

ballpit1While your boss should be on board for most of these types of outings, there are other ways to create a happy work culture that doesn’t cut into the work day and you can initiate. So if you’re looking for a little more fun in the office, maybe think about organizing weekend volunteer projects, finding a coworker who wants to be a gym buddy, plan a happy hour or start a good-natured pranking war with your coworkers!

Maid Bright Recognized as Community Service Standout

Guest Blog by Melanie Ford, Myers PR Intern

Maid Bright Logo

Corporate awards aren’t the only way to build credit behind your company or brand.

A combination of community outreach & service, corporate awards and excellent values can really go a long way. Doug Levy, co-author of Can’t Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results, says, “The companies that care about something bigger than their products tend to sell more of their products.” And we think Maid Bright, a Sterling cleaning company, proves that point.

This outstanding small business is a family-owned residential cleaning company which consistently acts upon its corporate values of excellence in service. And not just their cleaning service.

Cleaning for a Reason LogoNot only did Maid Bright representatives participate in Cornerstones’ Help the Homeless Walk and the Love Your Body Event during 2013, they have also been affiliated with Cleaning for a Reason the past three years and helped clean the houses of women battling cancer. Combined with their consistent 10% discount services for senior citizens, veterans, firefighters, and teachers, Maid Bright has provided approximately $9000+ a year in the form of donations and cleaning services to philanthropic initiatives.

In the words of Maid Bright owner, Yusuf Mehmetoglu: “I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a job, pay your bills, and sustain a comfortable life… In order to make our community a better place to live and help those going through similar situations, it is imperative that Maid Bright be involved in our community and to support others who are less fortunate.”

Employees of the monthSo how do the Mehmetoglus facilitate a work culture where their employees earnestly pursue community involvement? Employees who are the most engaged in volunteerism efforts, as featured on Maid Bright’s Facebook, receive financial incentives in the form of a gift card or bonus each month. The company’s third-party reputation for quality, commitment to equal opportunity employment and industry-approved cleaning supplies also enable employees to take a sense of pride in upholding corporates values.

Recipient of Angie's List Super Service Award 2013Maid Bright has been recognized by various industry-coveted awards. For the fifth consecutive year (2009-2013), they have earned the Angie’s List Superior Service Award, which ranks home and health service providers. This award gives Maid Bright market respect, credibility and increased brand awareness among two million plus Angie’s List users.

“Only about 5 percent of the companies Maid Bright competes with in Washington, DC Metropolitan Area are able to earn our Super Service Award,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “It’s a mark of consistently great customer service.”

Maid Bright Car Design They also won the 2013 Loudoun Green Business Challenge in the tenant-leased business category. This points-based competition was hosted by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce and encouraged more efficient and sustainable business operations. After attending an Executive Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX, Maid Bright also gained recognition for Best Vehicle Graphics at the Professional Image Awards from the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) Awards Committee.

Seeing as how Maid Bright has lived up to their slogan,”spotless quality & service every time, guaranteed” since 2004, and have the recognition to prove it, we think their corporate goals and values match up for a winning combination.

Have you thought about how your business could get more involved and build quality relationships in your local community? What is your corporate direction and how are you promoting it within your workplace culture?


The Strategic Value of Corporate Awards

Does your company know the strategic value of corporate awards?

Workplace Strategy

The Benefits:

Corporate awards enhance corporate performance from the boardroom to the front lines. Businesses need to plan a corporate awards strategy with corporate initiatives in mind. For example, if the company is making a push for ethical behavior or corporate leadership, then it can look for awards competitions that recognize these traits.

Reinforce Corporate Values:

Diversity Award Booz AllenThe Coca-Cola Company has embraced the philosophy to have a diverse and supportive workplace culture. Adding credibility to Coke’s commitment of diversity, are the multiple business awards the company has won for diversity. Choose your award program in alignment with your corporate direction.

For example, consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., prides itself on diversity as one of their core values. Year after year, their Diversity and Inclusion programs consistently earn awards of distinction. Fifteen years of consecutive placement in the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers award by Working Mother magazine put them in the Working Mother magazine’s Hall of Fame, which adds a vote of confidence for new hires.

PublicityPublic Relations Added Value:

Corporate awards bring benefits of increased awareness, third-party validation and establish market respect. The free publicity an award-winning business receives can result in more business and new connections. Plus, when used effectively, industry awards are an excellent sales tool to attract and close new business.

What About Small Businesses?

The benefits of business awards for small businesses are similar to large corporations. Often a small business will struggle to establish recognition and credibility in the marketplace. A business award win or even a nomination can open doors and have a greater impact on the growth of a smaller company.

publicitySmall companies should consider entering competitions, especially those sponsored by business organizations and publications, just so the judges, other business professionals and often journalists, will become aware of them and their products and/or service.

Do not underestimate the power of corporate awards competitions. Even if you don’t come out a winner, your company will gain positive exposure of your core values, a challenge to improve and an opportunity for your clients, employees and future business connections to see just how good a company you really are!