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October 19, 2019

Keeping up the Creativity: Part 7

If you’re jumping in just now, I’m working my way through a series called “Keeping up the Creativity” based on this infographic – 29 Ways to Stay Creative, and you can find the rest of the series parts here!

#7 – Sing in the Shower

3584193901_9e98d0fa23_zWow… I wasn’t quite sure how to approach this one. I could have gone with the whole “how great you sound because of the tile, the water vapors and the acoustics and all,” but that doesn’t really relate to the creative process – at least not MY creative process.

It was suggested that I not think of it so much as a literal action, but as more of a symbolic suggestion – a willingness to let yourself go and try something just for the joy of it. Loosening your inhibitions and really going for it without worrying about what people might think.

I love to dance. My husband and I have been dancing together for well over 30 years. We like to Jitterbug (not the phone, the dance), like swing dancing or the Carolina Shag. We may not be all that good, but it sure is fun to leave it all out there on the dance floor!

keep-calm-and-dance-like-no-one-s-watching-7Several of my team members are pole dance fitness instructors. One even earned the title of Miss Pole Dance Virginia. OK before you smirk … pole dancing is not about boas, acrylic heels and smoky rooms. It’s a form of performance art and an amazingly challenging sport which requires significant strength and flexibility, coordination and choreography. And it’s joyful!

So, sing in the shower, cut a rug or flip around upside down on a pole. Just do something that inspires you, brings you joy and stirs up the creative juices. Now THAT’S a creative process.

And for a little extra fun – Classic Sesame Street, “Singing in the Shower” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SB1IMHDz0I